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Thermax Heat Strips SOLD OUT

Here is an inexpensive way to check your heat press for temperature. These Heat Strips can be closed in a tight press for just a fraction of a minute to get a reading that is accurate to within 1°. Oil, water and steam resistant, these strips are quick and easy to use. Available in packs of 5 strips.

See below for pricing and to order.

Raytek Mini Temp MT-4 Special while supplies last $44.95

Now there's an efficient and accurate way to check the temperature on your heat presses and other equipment. The Raytek Mini temp MT-4 is a laser guided non-contact infrared thermometer with a range of 0° to 525°F and accuracy of within 2°. Point, pull the trigger and the surface temperature can be read in a split second on a large backlit display. Besides checking your flat press, it works great for printing mugs by checking the internal temperature while the mug is still in the press. A reading inside of 350 insures that the outside has reached the proper temp to transfer the image.

Rugged, portable and versatile, the MT-4 comes in handy for a variety of applications around the home or business. Uses include automotive, diagnostics, food prep and safety along with many others. Requires a 9V battery which is included and can be set to read in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Please note that although it does not apply to most heat presses, shiny or reflective surfaces will not give accurate readings due to emissivity. In order to get an accurate temperature, it is necessary to use a small piece of electrical tape or black paint (such as a high temp engine paint). All other painted or teflon surfaces will reflect an accurate temperature.


Thermax Heat Strips (pack of 5 strips) $9.95
Raytek Mini-Temp MT-4 $44.95 (list price $99.95 )

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Thermax Heat Strips Infared Laser Thermometer

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