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Steins, Shots and Stainless Steel Mugs for sublimation

Cactus offers some of the finest mugs for sublimation and they are also available in Steins, Shots, and Stainless Steel versions. Each features the Cactus Ink-Jet Coating which is a hard coating designed to add durability that is dishwasher and microwave safe. Choose from several styles below, but please note the case quantities which vary by product. (Mug cases are not stocked in our Florida location).

For standard white mugs for sublimation, Click here

For Two-Tone and Panel Mugs for sublimation, Click here.

For mug wraps and presses, Click here

Ceramic 1½ oz. Shots

Blank Shot Glass

These Cactus Shot Glasses are ceramic and while small can pack quite a punch. Packed 72 to a case, special wraps are available for printing which will drop-ship from the Ohio warehouse. Actual dimensions are 2 3/8" high, 2" diameter at the top and 1 3/8" at the bottom.

$80.64 per case ($1.12 ea) 10-49 cases $74.16 ($1.03 ea)
50 or more $68.40 ($..95 ea)-ships by truck
Shot Wraps $17.00 ea. 12+ $15.00 ea
Price adjustment will be calculated when invoiced

Funnel Mugs for printing

Funnel Mugs

These unique Funnel Mugs provide a stylish flair while holding 16 oz of a favorite beverage. Along with the plain white Topeka Funnel Mugs, both come in cases of 24 only. Special Wraps are available for printing and will drop-ship from Ohio. Actual dimensions for all Funnel Mugs are 6" high, 3¾" diameter at the top and 2¼" on the bottom

Sublimatable Funnel Mugs

The Heartland Funnel Mugs (see notice below) feature colored trim, bottoms and handles, and are available in Black, Cobalt or Red. Also 16 oz in capacity, they are printed with the same Wraps used for the Topeka Mugs. Available in cases of 24 only.

Topeka Handle $65.76 ($2.74 ea) 10+ $60.72 ($2.53 ea)
Black Trim $67.44 ($2.60 ea) 10+ $62.40 ($2.60 ea)
Cobalt Trim $69.36 ($2.89 ea) 10+ $64.08 ($2.67 ea)
Red Trim $74.88 ($3.12 ea) 10+ $69.36 ($2.89 ea)
Special Wraps for Funnel Mugs $34.00 12+ $32.00
Price adjustment will be calculated when invoiced

Stainless Steel Travel Mugs Imprintable Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

These 15 oz. stainless steel insulated travel mugs are the perfect answer for those that use Cactus Wraps to print mugs. The bottom unscrews and the entire thermal inside can be removed to allow for use in a standard oven. Pressed in half of the time for ceramics (see our Stainless instruction page for more information), they are not recommended for mug presses without an insert to prevent the outer shell from collapsing under the pressure. Full cases are no longer available, just singles.

They feature a screw-on top with a sliding sip-tab that can be kept closed to keep beverages hot or cold! Actual dimensions are 7 3/16" tall, 3 1/2" diameter at the top and 2 1/2" at the bottom. White Panels are 2 ¾" high and 4" wide and have the Cactus Ink-Jet Coating, though the entire mug is coated and can be sublimated on the back like any other stainless mug (can also be imprinted with Laser OEM).

Printed Travel Mug

Please note that although some feature the harder Ink-Jet coating, unlike ceramic mugs these are not designed for microwave use and are not dishwasher safe due to the possibility of water seeping inside. Hand washing is recommended unless disassembled prior to washing. Click on photos for larger image.

We have single Travel Mugs available for those that wish to try them without purchasing a full case of 36 initially. Please note that the singles will only ship from our location in Florida at a cost of $6.95 each.

Prices Full cases ship from Ohio only.
Single Stainless mugs available out of Florida only while supplies last.
Price adjustment will be calculated when invoiced

Please note that all mugs are shipped from the Ohio warehouse. Single cases ship at a weight of 30 pounds for Stainless Steel, 45 pounds for steins, and 19 pounds for Shots. There is an additional charge assessed of $4 for all single cases (except Stainless Steel) for double-boxing unless palletized. Where possible, hundredweight pricing or shipments by truck will apply.

Order in full case lots only - except for single Stainless Steel Mugs.

Quantity: Style:

For standard white mugs for sublimation, Click here.

For Two-Tone and Panel Mugs for sublimation, Click here.

For Mug Wraps and presses, Click here.

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