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What's new?

Here you'll find a listing of the new items added to our catalog. It will be the easiest way to see what has been added since your last visit. We hope you'll take a look at them and consider how they may work for you.

Added September, 2013 Napkin Holders

Added January, 2013 New Resin Tile Frames!

Added February, 2012 Temperature Heat Strips

Added November, 2011 Bison Coated Tiles

Added June, 2011: Insulated Totes

Added May, 2011: New sizes of Coral Tile Frames

Added April, 2011: Pet Urns for sublimation

Added February, 2011: Keystone Coral Tile Frames

Added April 2010: New Deluxe Convention Tote

Added March 2010: New Frames for 6" and 6X8" tiles in Ropestone and Driftwood.

Added May 2009: Ultrak deluxe portable vibrating timer

Added July 2008: Shots, Steins and Funnel Mugs

Added July 2008: Color Changing Mugs

Added July 2008: Big Daddy 19 oz Mugs

Added March 2008: Hand Carved Easels / Plate and Tile Stands

Added March 2008: Ornament Stands

Added February 2008: New Trim Colors for ID Tags

Added February 2008: Recipe Box, Spice Rack, and Utility Rack

Added February 2008: Painted Tile Frames and Neon Tile Boxes

Added February 2008: 4¼" X 6" Tile Boxes

Added November 2007: Portable Timers

Added August 2007: Home Decor Items, Tissue Box Covers, Plant Boxes etc.

Added August 2007: Kitchen Items, Cutting Boards, Serving Trays, Banana Trees etc.

Added August 2007: Tile Plaques, Signs etc.

Added April 2007: 2 Sided Military Style ID Tags with chains

Added April 2007: Edge Guard and Trim for ID Tags

Added April 2007: 2 Sided BratDawg Pet Tags

Added February 2007: String Puzzle

As always, we hope you'll stop by on a regular basis and check not only our new offerings, but the Sale items and Blue Light Specials as well since they too change on a regular basis. Thanks, we look forward to being of service.


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