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For more frame options with a nautical theme, there is also a variety of Driftwood and Porthole Frames. In addition there is a selection of Stone and Rock Frames for tile art.

Keystone Coral Frames

All of the resin frames are now availble at Coastal Sublimation

These Faux Coral Frames are the perfect solution for all of your nautical themed images. Now you can easily add a reef effect to pictures with a look of coral that will enhance the overall view. One of the more popular frames for tiles, the coral comes in three different styles, Round, Flat and Oval. Click here to see pictures of the Coral Frame styles.

Shown on the right from top to bottom, is the Oval Style with the View From The Amalfi Coast in a 12 in by 18 in. mural on 6" tiles. The same size below with the windsurfer features the Flat Style, and the Circular Frame as well as the single frame for a 6 in. tile and the 18X24 mural with the grouper show the Round Style. You can mix and match any of the single tile resin frames or mix and match any of the multi-tile frames to get the quantity pricing (Specials excluded). Tiles not included. Click on photos for a larger image.)

Sizes for single tiles include 6X6, 6X8, 8X8, 8X10, 12X12 as well as the circular 8 inch round frame. Multi-tile frames are for four, six, eight or twelve 6 inch tiles and in the Round Style, for six 4¼" tiles. All come with slots in the back for easy hanging, except for the large 18X24 frames which should be hung using eyehooks and wire (not included) and placed in the portrait or landscape position. Please note that the 12 X 24 size (for eight tiles) is available only in the Round and Flat Styles. For more frame options with a nautical theme, be sure to see our Driftwood and Porthole Frames.

Perfect for a variety of smaller marine and ocean related subjects with a unique circular setting that makes a great companion piece to our Porthole! Tiles mount from the back for a nice finished look and will hold the optional Bison 8" glass cutting board ($9.95 ea), or round Unisub® hardboard tile (actual tile sizes are 7¾" $3.95 ea.). Both are available separately. Actual outside diameter is 11 ¾".

All of the resin frames are now availble at Coastal Sublimation

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