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Unisub® Hardboard Tiles

As a convenience, we carry Unisub® Tiles in all standard sizes. These hardboard tiles are lightweight with a flawless appearance making them ideal for multi-tile presentations as well as single applications. They feature a scratch resistant surface and darkened laser treated edges that have a quick pressing time of about 1 minute. For specific Hardboard tiles for some products, please see the individual products page for special sizes.

Sized the same as spacer-less tiles, they work in most applications designed for ceramics and produce a stunning and vibrant image. These tiles are perfect for frames, keepsake boxes or even a stand alone on an easel or hung with a Zig-Zag Hanger (the HB tiles for the 4¼" X 6 Boxes are available on the Tilebox Page). For Hardboard Tileas drilled for clock movements or inserts, please see our Clock Page.

Unisub Hardboard tiles
Qty 1-11 12-47 48-71 72+
2" X 2"
3 1/2" Round
3" X 6"
4 1/4" X 4 1/4"
4" X 6"
6" X 6"
6" X 8"
8" Round (7.75)
8" X 8"
8" X 10"
12" X 12"
     Price adjustment will be calculated when invoiced

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Hardboard Tiles for sublimation

Please note that we have some sizes of ceramic and/or porcelain tiles that go with some of our frames and Keepsake Boxes. They can be found on the same pages as their respective boxes or frames as optional add-ons. Thank you.

For a selection of items that will accept these tiles, please see our Frames, Boxes and Tile Accessories.

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